Terms & Conditions

Terms of Services

Complimentary Shipping

EZWORE proudly guarantees worldwide free shipping, as we consider our customers our greatest priority. While many websites add shipping costs to their merchandise, we're taking a leap forward by offering free delivery. Our commitment extends to all, regardless of the size of your order or your precise requirements.

Countries Excluded from Shipping

EZWORE is synonymous with commitment, and we constantly strive to enhance this commitment. Although we mainly focus on serving a global clientele, specific countries, as per OFAC regulations, have been excluded due to international legal sanctions. Additionally, we do not offer shipping services to Israel under any circumstances.

Payment Choices

EZWORE accepts Discover, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express payments. We prioritize the safety of our customers' payments through SSL certificates, ensuring a secure payment platform. When placing an order online, you must supply your card number, going the rest to the SSL layer protecting measures. We do not accept checks or cash; credit cards and PayPal are the sole official payment processes.

Acceptance or Rejection of Orders

EZWORE reserves the right to accept or decline an order under specific circumstances. To expedite order processing. Essential questions must be addressed when placing an order through our website.

Users and Accounts

All registered customers are expected to adhere to the principles set forth by EZWORE and confirm the privacy of their accounts.