Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy: 

End-to-end security is what customers expect to build trust. We are all up to develop and maintain the trust between Ezwore and You. Specific FAQs are answered below to help you out in the cause.

What’s the basic information Ezwore requires about its customers?

We’ll only ask for your name, contact, postal address, and email once you have placed an order after signing up at our website. Accessing the site doesn’t require your private information to input.

What does Ezwore need from its customers?

We need your valuable feedback because your criticism and comments will be a stepping stone to our journey to success.

We don’t breach the contract we make with our customers, which is we keep your information secure in our own data without selling it to other firms. But, with your permission, we’ll share your basic information with the courier department to dispatch your order.

How do we protect your privacy?

A lot of security checks have been implemented for safety purposes. You can submit your details only via logging into our website.

For better transactions, we use a secure server. Your credit card number and PayPal account number are secured and encrypted. We have a sound digital marketing system that only allows access to your information by our very trusted onboard members.

Once your transaction has been done, we will delete credit card numbers. However, we will keep your email address and contact number to evaluate later.

Are we using cookies?

Yes, Ezwore uses cookies. Cookies improve search analytics while letting the service provider recognize you later and restore the information.

This also saves your pre-existing shopping cart and saves you from the trouble of doing it again.

Do we sell your personal information to 3rd parties?

Ezwore does not sell its clients' personal information. Such activities are prohibited and strictly forbidden. We never breach our contracts. We know these things play a significant role in spoiling company and customer relationships. Our site is not accessible to children aged under 13.

Do you consent to our usage?

By logging into our website, we’ll consider your affirmation of our policies and terms.

How do I get more information?

Just email us, and we’ll respond as soon as possible. You can learn more about us by following us through our social media.