Our Story

Our Story

Over time, the trend of styling and clothing is rapidly advancing with newer and modern staples, with each ensemble describing a person's unique personality. So Ezwore has decided to steady itself to provide premium quality leather jackets with a distinctive design, color, and flair that would make you stand out the most.

Ezwore’s Promise

Ezwore is a dedicated online fashion store. It is a platform of luxury where each set is made with an ideal image in mind so you can feel the confidence rousing within your body. Since our mission is to improve the world by providing high-end clothing at an affordable price, we require your valuable input so that every person can get their hands on the article of their dreams.

Finest Quality Material

Every piece of clothing Ezwore produces defines modern sophistication because our team of professional craftsmen uses ultra-modern techniques and high-quality materials to express their timeless appeal. In addition, we use pure leather fabrics and skin-friendly linings to ensure the best fit for the skin and body. Thus, from start to end, we've decided to please our customers with what they really need.

The Intent Is To Change Something

Being one of the leading online fashion stores, Ezwore desires to enhance each fabric's quality so that it can withstand the tests of time and remain undying in the latest fashion trends. With an immortal charm, our professional designers are devoted to serving stylish products so you'll command attention wherever you go.

How To Foster Interaction

Ezwore is always ready to serve its customers with the most compelling jacket so you can be the center of everyone's attention. Our articles are intended with superior quality traits that enhance the durability, flexibility, versatility, and ventilation better than average outerwear. In a brighter sense, we desire to maintain a good relationship by providing you with timeless apparel so you can style how you like. And nothing makes us happier than seeing our consumers satisfied and more confident by purchasing through us.

Ezwore’s Objective

First and foremost, Ezwore's top intent is to build a trustworthy relationship with its customers. So when it comes to shopping, our main goal is to serve you with flawless leather jackets. In order to prove to the world that Ezwore is a reputable company. Our customer service agents are always ready to answer your questions so that we can preserve a long and friendly relationship with our clients.

Our Jacket Process

Ezwore’s loyalty to providing customers with premium leather jackets is a priority above anything else, with an immaculate, perfectly tailored, contemporary design strong enough to protect you from scenarios or climate conditions. But every article goes through several production departments before dispatching to the customer. To understand how this procedure works, including the fabric we use, here are some crucial steps about production, processing, and worldwide shipping processes that customers must know about.

Choosing The Right Fabric

An adequately crafted leather jacket has an undying appeal, so it can continue to look great for decades after you first bought it and share a bit of your life's journey with you. Ezwore's promise to keep things in mind while we design every jacket with top-notch materials. Furthermore, we meticulously craft each jacket in our warehouse for all the vital components by a professional team of artisans with lambskin skin. To manufacture comfy leather goods, it is one of the most supple, natural, and skin-friendly materials available today. Also, other such goods are made from cowhide.

Method of Tanning and Cutting

In the second step, our expert artisans swiftly tan all the leather skin and then clean them with the appropriate materials to ensure they are ready to prepare jackets and other products. Multiple methods and supplies are used throughout this process to remove impurities, hairs, and lipids that encourage the growth of bacteria.

Draining and Cleaning of the Material

After the process of Tanning & cutting, the skin goes through an energy-intensive and delicate cleaning and drying process. It also softens the skin, making it very easy to proceed in production without any issues or difficulties.

Stitching and Sewing

The next step is carving the pattern; cutting, sewing, lining, and adding decorative components are typical steps in making a high-quality leather jacket. We have talented designers with experience using garment equipment and machinery to create the right coat in the desired size, variation, and color.

Sewing and Cutting of Jacket

To make a jacket that you can proudly wear for an extended period without worrying about the stitches. We use pieces of leather needed for the jacket’s external and internal patterns gathered by specialists at the warehouse. Each part for the sleeves, front, and back is assembled, cut out, and sewn into place with the sharpest of details.

Design of Jacket

A well-made jacket is vital to us. Different design elements, appropriate computing tools, and processes are used to design the apparel, so it can swiftly fulfill all the needs and desires of our customers without any hassle.

Internal Textile & Attachment For Lining

We use the softest, most skin-friendly viscose for internal lining to ensure that each jacket gives a snug fit and is comfy. So, it provides the right amount of warmth and insulation to the body every time you wear it.

Packaging and Assurance of Quality

Our professionals conduct a last quality check to confirm that the jacket is completed and ready to be delivered because we appreciate client satisfaction. The product is appropriately wrapped and put in a bag to ensure stability and safety against toxic elements and freight damage.

Time for Delivery

We use FedEx and DHL as two primary courier services; they are both renowned for their swift and secure deliveries. You will be provided with a Tracking ID number to follow the progress of your order after the package has been sent to the delivery service. We put much effort into supplying our clients with assistance and ensuring they are satisfied.